Halloween Parade

The Parade begins at 4th & Main Street and travels up Main, turning onto 10th Street concluding in Central Park.

Cider & Donuts will be available in the park at the conclusion of the parade.

Please keep children behind the barriers that will be set up along the road. Do not allow children beyond the barrier into the street at any point. Floats will be handing out candy to you so there is no need to go into the road! Please do not push the barriers. We care about your safety and want to ensure we can continue to have the event as long as possible! Jaycees in Orange Hoodies will be on the street to ensure the safety of the attendees. If you require assistance please reach out to one of our members.

Bring your lawn chair and blanket for a chilly & fun evening!

Note: Parking will be restricted on Main Street, 5th Street & 10th Street in Honesdale beginning Mid Afternoon. Barricades will be placed in preparation of the parade. All vehicle travel for the duration of the parade coming down Main Street will be redirected from Main Street up Chapel Street. 4th Street between Main & Church will be closed. Traffic will continue up Church Street during the parade and someone will be halting traffic on Church at 10th Street as needed for floats to pass into Central Park.

In the event of weather: The Parade will happen in light rain/snow. Heavy constant rain would incline us to utilize our rain date. The Jaycees will announce cancellation/rescheduling of the parade on our Facebook group.


Applications must be received prior to October 22
Float line up will be in the Top Notch parking lot, look for Jaycees wearing bright orange hoodies for direction.
Fire Truck line up on 5th Street.

Please remember – Candy MUST be handed to attendees. You may not throw candy from your float into the road.

Email your completed form to info@honesdalejaycees.org , Fax it to us at 570-253-2025 or mail it to PO Box 583 Honesdale.