Haunted Train

Be on the lookout for the Haunted Train as the Jaycees bring Halloween fun, music, and maybe some treats to the Honesdale Community!

The train departs from the Seeleyville Station at 6:00pm on Tuesday October 27

Rain Date October 28 or 29th 6:00pm

Please note the following:
The train will be passing homes and businesses along the route, and in some instances, it may be enticing to park and stand on private property. Please use respect and caution before parking and onlooking our haunted train. This is a socially distant event and as such, maintaining a safe distance and masking when appropriate is encouraged. Please be sure to keep a close eye on little ones as the train will be going down busy streets in town. We cannot tell you precise times that we will be passing through, but anticipate the entire event to take around 2 hours. Keep an eye on our Facebook for photos of where we may be!

We cannot wait to see all of your costumes as we chug on through on our Haunted Train!

Departing from Seeleyville at 6:00 PM
1.) Bridge St. to Maple Ave.
2.) Maple Ave. to Route 6 E.
3.) Route 6 E. to West St.
4.) West St. to Route 191 N.
5.) Route 191 N. to Route 670 toward Bethany
6.) Turn around at Ash Street in Bethany
7.) Route 670 to Route 191
8.) Route 191 N. to the Honesdale Pool
9.) Turn around at the Honesdale Pool to N. Main St.
10.) N. Main St. to 4th St.
11.) 4th St. to Terrace St.
12.) Terrace St. to Grove St.
13.) Grove St. to Terrace Heights
14.) Terrace Heights to 4th St. via Terrace St.
15.) 4th St. to Route 6 E. toward Walmart
16.) Turn into Walmart 
17.) Walmart to the Route 6 Plaza
18.) Route 6 W. to Cliff St.
19.) Turn around at Gibbons Park Rd.
20.) Cliff St. to Church St.
21.) Church St. to Route 6 W.
22.) Route 6 W. to Maple Ave.
23.) Maple Ave. to Bridge Street